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Fashion & Design

The Music Room

The Music Room is an event organiser and venue for top fashion brands in London, with over 30 years of experience. Located between Bond Street and Selfridges and right next to Browns, it is one of the most established venues for hosting product launches, press days, brand experience events, and sample sales - at the heart of London's most fashionable district. The Music Room is famous for hosting a wide range of fashion events for international luxury brands.

Limbic Life

The Limbic Chair is based on a knowledge of medicine and neuroscience, in order to allow you to be in an effortless state of weightlessness, using touch and movement in a way that makes you feel light, free, and happy. They call these movements ‘incentivized movements.‘ The Limbic Chair VR is a safe and compact, hands-free navigation device for VR - a new design for online gaming.


Alf Heller

Alf Heller is a Swiss haircare line which is all natural and vegan, using the purest ingredients. The hair mask is famous for having no chemical and harmful ingredients - so much so that people can even eat it. The line is extremely effective and popular among Swiss celebrities.

Cherie Makeup

Exclusive makeup line made in Sicily, Italy. Cherie is Italy’s top exclusive make up brand, sought after by stars and European royalty, and created by one of Italy's most celebrated make up artists, Orazio Tomarchio, over 20 years ago.


Demoi is a ground breaking hair growth serum which redefines the way people perceive beauty. Swiss-made with cutting edge technology and 19 years of experience, Demoi out-performs other products with fewer side effects and real results. Demoi also supports charities through its work, and is a social brand that cares for people and encourages personal progress through its branding.

Dr. Hala Medical Aesthetics

Dr. Hala Medical Aesthetics is one of London best non-surgical cosmetics clinics in London. Frequently visited by A-list celebrities and actors, the clinic has 16 of the world leading cosmetic machines and over 30 treatments to emphasise natural beauty and wellness.

Mila D’opiz

Mila D’opiz is a world leading cosmetics company with over three generations of expertise in skincare. Founded over 100 years ago, Mila D’opiz never compromised on quality ingredients. In 2014, the Skin Whisper won Best Innovation in the European Cosmetics Products Award, and the company continues to produce best sellers for many well-known brands on the market.


Cherie Academy

Founded by Cherie in 2002, the Cherie Makeup Academy has three schools across the beautiful Island of Sicily, training young make-up artists under the owner and one of Italy's most celebrated make up artists, Orazio Tomarchio, for over 20 years.

Vet Station Switzerland

Zurich’s leading veterinary clinic, with four animal hospitals that offer the most advanced technology and medical care for pets. A three generation family business, the veterinary clinic trains the most skilled vets and equips them with the newest knowledge in animal care.


Mahon Digital

Mahon Digital is an award wining online marketing agency based in the UK, Finland and Estonia. With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing across a wide range of businesses and industries, the company has global a presence in England, France, Finland, Scandinavia, Germany, Spain, and Russia - and continues to grow.

Nadia Damaso

Lifestyle brand run by Swiss two-time top selling author Nadia Damaso. Nadia Damaso's books have changed the way people eat and drink, and her forthcoming range of products, lifestyle goods and foods will capitalise on that success.



MAYAIA is an interactive shopping platform which enables brands to communicate directly with customers through videos and images. Exclusive and curated collections of fashion, cosmetics, beauty and health products are specially sourced by a buying team with over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. MAYAIA currently operates in the UK, Europe and the USA.


Chicmi is the world largest fashion events platform. Working with over 6,000 brands, the website brings the best and the most comprehensive fashion events in world’s fashion capitals - London, New York, LA, Miami, San Fran, and Toronto.


Omni Medica

Omni Medica is a pharmaceutical company with over 20 years experience in manufacturing innovative and scientifically advanced products. With products ranging from cosmetics to sports, Omni Medica works with top winter sports champions and Olympic certified supplements. Omni Medica’s products are tested and backed with scientific peer reviewed research.


Founded in 1315, with over five generations of pharmaceutical expertise, Novelpharm leads scientific research in cancer treatments, cosmetics, medicine, and health supplements, white-labelling some of the world leading health products.


Hudson Metrics

Hudson Metrics uses AI and the experience of Wall Street to advise investment and bring advanced technology-lead investment systems to the market. Hudson’s product NasDax explores opportunities for enhancing returns using high-frequency tactical asset allocation and market timing, and limits the challenges posed by market timing, including higher costs and the risk of missing the best-performing days of the market.