The Board

Jin Aowen


Aowen Jin came to Britain in 1997 from China, and since then has established herself as an expert in both British and Chinese culture. Aowen’s artwork is collected by Her Majesty the Queen and she was named by The Times as “one of tomorrow's great artists”. She is a influential social commentator for the BBC and Chinese Central Television, and was named twice as one of the world's 100 most influential women by the BBC. A fellow of the Royal Society of Art, Aowen is a guest speaker and lecturer at Oxford University, Cambridge University, Coventry University and Leeds University, and she is a mentor at the Southbank Art Centre (Royal Festival Hall). She consults on Chinese investment for a number of companies including Mizuho Bank Hong Kong, and she is Co-founder of Chicmi and Mayaia. View her website to know more about her and her work.

Jens Hoydem

Vice President

Jens Hoydem is an influential German logistics and planning specialist. Coming to China in 1997, he loves Chinese culture. He is well connected with both Chinese and German governments, cultural and business organisations. He oversaw the logistics of Beijing’s Olympic Games and top international Sports Events in China, including Auto China Exhibitions, Car Racing Events to product world premiers. He helped the Red Cross to deliver 20 tons of supplies to Wenchuan’s earthquake.

Yi Li


Yi Li is Vice Secretary-General of China Mergers & Acquisitions Association, Shenzhen Branch. She has two decades of experience in creative planning and public relations, organising the China Merchants Property Development Forum, Shenzhen International Finance Investment Expo, Wealth Management Forum and Hedge Summit Forum. Yi Li assisted IPO presentations and receptions for the Devotion Group, SJEC, Hirisun, and Qinghai Barely Wine. She has participated in planning, execution and media dissemination for international events: CMMI Institute Conference, AD China Tour, International Low Carbon Conference, and diplomatic relations between Xi’an and Rome etc.

Demee Koch


Demee Koch has two decades of experience in the luxury and beauty industry in the field of customer service, brand development and management, distribution, marketing and sales, and entrepreneurship. She developed the following brands: U’nique-Personal Grooming by Demee, Tally Beauty Lausanne (in partnership with Tally Weijl), U’nique Beauty Switzerland, and DEMOI Switzerland. She actively works with global companies as a trusted advisor. Demee will receive Global FWN’s 100 Most Influential Filipina Woman in the World Award for her outstanding professional work and civic engagement in October 2019.

Saija Mahon


Saija Mahon has over 20 years of experience in online marketing and founded award-winning media company Mahon Digital over 10 years ago. Mahon Digital has expanded its operation into three countries - the UK, Finland and Estonia - with global customers across Europe, Russia, Australia, South East Asia and the USA.

Sara Hailey


Sara Hailey is a cognitive neuropsychologist who studied at both Stanford and University College London. Sarah speaks 5 languages - Arabic, French, Spanish, Tigrinya and English. An acclaimed journalist, she worked at several major magazines including Vanity Fair US and FABuk magazine, and PR for celebrities including David Beckham.

Valentina Pino


Valentina is the International Brand Ambassador for Cherie Makeup. She has over a decade of experience in makeup and has received many awards for her outstanding talent and skills. She brings Cherie Makeup to the global market and drives awareness.

Dr. Hala Mahfoud


Dr. Hala is leading British surgeon and gynaecologist - a registered NHS surgeon with over 20 years of experience. She is passionate about natural beauty and opened her clinic only 2 years ago, but is already well known in London's cosmetics field. Her clinic now serves top celebrities and film stars, and has achieved incredible success in a very short time.

Ning Li


Ning Li is a famous Ikebana artist in Japan. She is the General Secretary of the Japan-China Ikenana Association - the biggest Chinese Ikebana community in Japan. She has also translated many famous Japanese Ikebana books into Chinese. She has worked tirelessly for our non-profit association to organize some of the biggest cultural events in Japan and China, and to promote cultural exchange between the two countries.

Lihong Hou


Lihong Hou is a Chinese Information technology researcher and analyst. He has offered both Chinese government and businesses advice on technology policy, government policy and strategy policy. He has organised and anticipated in many high profile IT research projects, including Zhongguancun (Chinese Silicon Valley) creative policy, creative incubator development and analysis, supporting Chinese IT companies global outlook and advising the Chinese government on medium and small size IT company acquisitions.

Jian Wang


Jian Wang holds a PHD in Computing Science from China's famous Tong Ji University. She is an assistant professor of Zhengzhou University, and a key member of the Chinese Computing Association. She has a First Class Technology Breakthrough Award from the Education Department of Henan Province, and a Second Class Technology Progression Award from the Technology Department of Henan Province. She has published more than 20 academic papers in national and international tech journals, and currently has 10 patents pending.

Sang Ya


Sang Ya is a signed photographer for istockphoto, Hailuo Chuangyi and Tuchong, plus a director and visual artist. He works with well-known national brands for product launches, direction and visual curation. He was selected as one of the top 10 bests photographer of the country in the 2017 Chinese Food Photography competition. He also devotes his time to charities - helping people rediscover their confidence through visual language.

Zhenzhen Duan


Zhenzhen Duan is a famous Chinese singer. She is a retired army soprano and was awarded the Army Golden Star, Army 3rd Medal and Special Award for Flood Support Bravery Medal. In 2003 during Henan LanKao’s flooding, Zhenzhen was the only female army officer working to help the locals. In 2008, she was the finalist in European Chinese Youth Singers Competition,and a special guest on the famous Chinese Central TV programme Yu Ni You Yue. She is the Vice-Chairman of the UK Henan Chinese Association.

Jia Li


Jia Li is an educator. He works under China’s Culture Department to promote Chinese language and culture abroad. He helped found Chinese Language Schools in Thailand and Mexico. Between 2014-2016, with the support of Thailand’s Royal Family, he worked on the largest Chinese language competition in Thailand, hosted by China’s Culture Department, Thailand’s Education Department, and the Chinese Embassy in Thailand.